1/2" Arbo Space LDB Bull Rope Dead Eye Sling

$53.00 CAD

Length: 10'


Our double-braid dead-eye tree rigging slings are designed to make your rigging process easier and more efficient. With a large eye that's perfect for girth-hitching the sling onto rigging hardware, our slings are made from Arbo Space LDB Bull Rope - a coated rope that offers superior abrasion resistance and exceptional strength.

At Arbo Space, we take pride in our hand-spliced tree-rigging slings. Each sling is expertly crafted by our team of professional rope splicers to ensure top-notch quality and reliability. So if you're in need of a dependable and long-lasting rigging sling, look no further than Arbo Space's double-braid dead-eye tree rigging slings.

Rope Size Type Construction Fiber Color Length (ft) Breaking Strength (lbs) Approx. Weight / 100ft (lbs)
1/2" Dead Eye Slings Coated Double Braid Polyester
Orange 10', 15', 20' 10,000 7.6