Arbo Space 11.2mm Horizon Static Bubble Gum

    Length: 150ft.
    Service Option: None
    Sale price$142.00

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    HORIZON STATIC climbing line was designed for SRT climbing systems. This 11.2mm, 32-strand kernmantle rope provides a smooth cover for sleek descents along with very low elongation. The climber can be confident in this ropes ability to work with your mechanical device of choice.


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    Arbo Space 11.2mm Horizon Static Rope

    I'm just a beginner with ropes and climbing so what I think doesn't account for much. I stumbled across Arbo Space because I was looking at something in particular and then ended up making a decent sized order. I figured I should get some rope that was pretty close to 11mm because I had picked up a Camp Druid Pro to use for things like getting hooked up to do a zip line. Initially I thought I'd try to run 1/2" splice-able rope on everything but later learned plenty of devices top out at 11mm. So here I am with 200ft of bubblegum Arbo rope.

    Thus far the rope looks great and functions well in the Camp Druid Pro. When I get a chance I'll try it in my Rope Runner Pro. I ordered 200ft with two eyes so that I could cut off 50ft for my DMM hook, 20ft for a zipline lanyard and the remainder for a climbing rope. In hind-sight, I should have just paid Arbo Space a bit more to cut my ropes to length and do another eye. I may order another rope upon my next order. Waiting for Arbo Space to get in more DMM hardware.

    M Fitzgibbon
    Wanted to give it a shot

    I use it with a isc wrench. Works, feels great. Very little to almost non milking, love the bubble gum color

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