Arbo Space 11.5mm Huracan

    Length: 120ft.
    Service Type: None
    Sale price$109.99

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    Huracan rope provides a 24-strand cover and low stretch for perfect pairing with mechanical devices. This 11.5mm diameter option delivers a firm yet flexible feel, yet stays round under load and offers abrasion resistance. Excellent knot-holding capability along with splicing options make HURACAN a great climbing rope option.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    David Palazzolo
    So far so good!!

    Great climb line! Really smooth! I normally use it SRT, for once it doesn’t feel like I’m climbing a rubber band!! Runs Great though the Zigzag.

    The best climbing rope for Petzl Zigzag and hitch climber

    This rope is the most buttery smooth rope ever. I’ve used xstatic, blue moon, drenaline, and venom. And while those rope are good this knocks them all out of the park. Do yourself a favor and get this rope. You will not regret it.

    The best of the best!

    Such a nice rope. Rope runner, zig zag, unicender, prusik. It’s got you covered! Chris and the team do a wonderful job with this product. Get you some!!!!

    The colorway is one of the best/brightest on the market right now.

    After a few climbs on it I can say it works with the typical ~11.5 doublebraid-esque devices & sits between Blue Moon and Tachyon (closer to Blue Moon) with feel and perceived bounce (or lack thereof). The Huracan cover has a tighter weave than the 2 ropes mentioned above and the color stands out in all conditions. Splicing measurements I'm using: 10.5" cover, 3.5" core, 6" throat

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