Arbor Flex 16-Strand 1/2" Rope positioning Lanyard W/ Aluminum Body Ansi Steel Gate Snaphook & Rope Grab (with chafe)

$162.00 CAD

Size: 8'


Color: Orange/White


The 1/2" Arborflex Rope Positioning Lanyard sets a new standard in the realm of arboriculture and tree climbing safety gear. Meticulously engineered for professionals who demand both safety and efficiency, this lanyard combines the resilience of a robust 16-strand polyester exterior with the core strength of stiff nylon, ensuring optimal performance across a wide range of applications. Its sophisticated design features an Aluminum Body ANSI Steel Gate Snap Hook and an Arbo Space Rope Grab, providing a secure and adjustable system that enhances user safety without compromising on maneuverability.

Designed for durability, the lanyard boasts a Maximum Breaking Strength (MBS) of 5,760 lbs, offering unparalleled support and reliability. The high-visibility blue and white or orange and white polyester rope not only ensures the lanyard is easily noticeable against any backdrop, enhancing safety, but also signifies the product's adherence to the highest standards of quality and compliance with ANSI Z133 & OSHA 1910/1926 certifications. This certification is a testament to its capability to protect users effectively in both work and play environments, particularly in vertical settings where precision and reliability are paramount.


  • Robust Material Construction: Featuring a durable 16-strand polyester exterior wrapped around a stiff nylon core, the Arbor Flex Rope Positioning Lanyard provides the ideal balance of strength and flexibility. This construction ensures long-lasting performance and reliability in demanding conditions.

  • Superior Safety Attachments: Equipped with an Aluminum Body ANSI Steel Gate Snap Hook and an Arbo Space Rope Grab, this lanyard system offers secure, easy-to-use connections for your safety and convenience. The snap hook and rope grab are designed for quick adjustments and secure locking, ensuring you stay safe while working at heights.

  • Maximum Breaking Strength: With an MBS of 5,760 lbs, this lanyard stands up to the toughest jobs, offering exceptional strength and peace of mind for the user. It's built to withstand heavy loads, providing a secure line for fall protection and positioning.

  • High Visibility for Increased Safety: The blue and white or orange and white color scheme of the rope not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also ensures high visibility. This feature is crucial for maintaining safety in busy or complex work environments, allowing for easy identification and monitoring of the lanyard.

  • Certified for Safety: This product is ANSI Z133 & OSHA 1910/1926 certified, meeting the stringent requirements for safety and performance in professional arboriculture and tree climbing operations. These certifications affirm the lanyard's compliance with industry standards for fall protection equipment.

  • Adjustable for Versatile Use: The adjustable nature of the lanyard allows for flexibility in use, catering to different tasks and user preferences. This adjustability, combined with the high-quality rope grab, ensures that users can achieve the perfect positioning and secure fitting for their specific needs.

 Manufacturer Part Number: AFRPWRG