ARBORjet QUIKjet Valve Rebuild Kit

$56.00 CAD

Keep your injection system top notch with Arborjet Quikjet Valve Rebuild Kit.

  • Repairs over time wear out of the injection system. 
  • Rebuild your valve with necessary add-ons. 
  • Restore your injection system to optimal state. 

The ARBORjet QUIKjet Valve Rebuild Kit is a set of replacement parts for the ARBORjet QUIKjet injection system. The kit includes all the necessary parts to rebuild the valve of the injection system, including O-rings, springs and seals.

Usage : 

The QUIKjet injection system is a tool used by Arborists and tree care professionals to inject pesticides, nutrition and other treatments directly to the trees. The system uses a needle which is directly inserted to the tree and the needle is controlled by a Valve on the injection tool.

Manufacturer Part Number: 070-2281