Caritool EVO

$22.00 CAD

The Petzl Caritool EVO is the perfect tool holder for any arborist looking for improved storage and organization while on the job. The Caritool EVO's universal mounting device and racking horn provide an easy and secure attachment to your saddle, while its increased tool capacity ensures that you have all your essential tools within easy reach. The new cord attachment system also means that the Caritool EVO is now compatible with an even wider range of saddles, making it a versatile addition to your gear kit.


  • Weighs only 40 g and is made of stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic, and high-modulus polyethylene.
  • Can be positioned on any point and type of harness, allowing for customized organization of equipment.
  • Offers a large capacity for transporting equipment.
  • Enables easy organization and sorting of equipment on the harness.
  • Not suitable as personal protective equipment; can only hold a maximum weight of 5 kg.