CMI Arborist Anchor Shackle - 3-1/4 Ton WLL

$71.00 CAD

CMI has Introduced a shackle specifically designed for tree climbers and tower workers who work at great heights and are at risk of dropping a shackle pin to the ground, which can be both dangerous and frustrating for the ground crew below. This shackle features machined holes that work exclusively with the included slick pin. While the pin can be opened and closed without special tools, it cannot be fully removed from the shackle, preventing unintentional dropping of the pin while working at height. This shackle maintains the same size and capacity as similar 5/8" anchor shackles, ensuring reliable and safe use.

  • Size: 5/8"
  • Type: Arborist
  • WLL (tons): 3-1/4
  • WLL (lbs): 6,500
  • Pin Diameter: 0.75"
  • Weight (lbs): 1.35