Courant Kanopa 12.1mm Climbing Rope

$349.00 CAD

Length: 147.5 ft.

147.5 ft.
197 ft.

The Courant Kanopa Climbing Rope - A Legacy of Excellence!

Originally developed in 2009, the Courant Kanopa Climbing Rope swiftly captured the hearts of French arborists and remains a top choice to this day. With its slim spliced eye and impressive 16-strand construction, the Kanopa Rope stands as a testament to reliability and innovation.

Key Features:

  • A French Arborist's Favorite: Since its inception, the Kanopa Climbing Rope has held a special place among French arborists as their go-to choice. Its reputation for quality and performance has solidified its position in the industry.

  • Long-Lasting Flexibility: Featuring a 12.1mm diameter, the Kanopa Rope utilizes the revolutionary X-Braid parallel core technology. This innovative design ensures long-lasting flexibility, allowing you to maneuver with confidence during climbs.

  • Core-Sheath Slippage Protection: The Kanopa Rope's X-Braid parallel core technology guarantees almost zero core-sheath slippage. This means your rope maintains its integrity, enhancing safety and performance.

  • Enhanced Visibility: In 2019, Courant introduced a new vibrant color combination to the Kanopa Rope. This enhancement ensures heightened visibility in the trees, adding an extra layer of safety and convenience to your climbs.

Additional Information:

  • Slim Spliced Eye: The Kanopa Climbing Rope is equipped with a slim spliced eye, offering secure attachment and easy integration with your climbing setup.

Embrace the legacy of excellence with the Courant Kanopa Climbing Rope, a time-tested favorite that continues to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. With its long-lasting flexibility, core-sheath slippage protection, and enhanced visibility, the Kanopa Rope is your ticket to successful and safe climbs. Choose Courant Kanopa Climbing Rope and experience the same quality that has made it a cherished choice among arborists for years.

Standard EN 1891:1998 Type A
Materials / Construction Polyamid/Polyester
Tear Resistant 3100 daN
Resistor with Splice 2100 daN
Mass 103 gsm
Gain Percentage 67%
Core Percentage 33%
Sheath Slip 0.4%
Elongation 50/150 kg 2.8%
Knotability 0.87
Water Shrinkage 2.8%