Distel Aluminum Tree Climbers

$561.00 CAD

Style: Tree Gaffs - Velcro-Straps

Tree Gaffs - Velcro-Straps
Pole Gaffs - Velcro-Straps

Unveiling the remarkable third evolution of Distel aluminum climbers, equipped with a newly designed, hot-forged shank that delivers a lightweight and high-end climbing experience. Immerse yourself in elevated comfort, thanks to the inclusion of an extra-large and thick padding that provides exceptional user support. Effortlessly conquer your climbs with the aid of low-friction gaffs, ensuring smooth and hassle-free ascents.


  • The shin and calf areas have additional padding for enhanced comfort.
  • The stirrup features anti-slip ribs on the bottom and intricate 3-dimensional forging details.
  • The hot-forged aluminum shank is now 10% lighter compared to previous versions.
  • The alloy has been improved, and the surface is blasted to maximize bending fatigue strength.
  • The gaff has a black PTFE coating, allowing for easier release from wood and providing the highest level of corrosion protection.
  • It has a black polymer anodization with a satin matte finish.
  • The thickness has been increased to 3/4".
  • The design includes a grid structure for an optimal fit on the shell and leg, ensuring punctual pressure distribution.

Manufacturer Part Number: 12111