Distel Carbon Fiber Tree Climbers

$1,010.00 CAD

Style: Tree Gaffs - Click Quick Buckles

Tree Gaffs - Click Quick Buckles
Pole Gaffs - Click Quick Buckles

Uli Distel, a visionary German engineer, revolutionized the world of climbing spurs with his groundbreaking concept of an ultralight and perfectly fitting climber. The outcome is nothing short of technical brilliance, complemented by striking aesthetics.

Introducing the Distel Carbon Fibre spurs, an embodiment of cutting-edge carbon fibre materials technology. These spurs offer a remarkable combination of high strength and low weight properties. Coupled with meticulous anatomical design, climbers can enjoy extended climbing sessions with reduced physical strain, thanks to these thoughtfully engineered spurs.


  • Experience minimal additional weight while climbing with the Carbon Fibre climbers, as each one weighs only 840g.
  • Achieve a perfect fit with the 4" wide Velcro top strap, ensuring comfort and security.
  • The rubber pad integrated at the base of the stirrup provides reliable protection.
  • Enhance wearer comfort with the breathable and machine washable calf pad, designed to conform to the leg's contour and fit snugly into the upper cuff.
  • The high-quality leather lower strap offers easy adjustability for a customized fit.
  • The climbers come with 'Pole' Gaffs (Short) or 'Tree' Gaffs, equipped with leather gaff protectors. The gaffs are replaceable and can be sharpened effortlessly.
  • The maximum user weight, including equipment, is 108kg (240lb).

Manufacturer Part Number: 13411