DMM Classic Rope Bag

$92.00 CAD

Color: Black


The DMM Classic Rope bag is your perfect companion for excursions to the climbing wall or a sport crag. It offers ample space to accommodate a 260ft rope, leaving room for additional essentials such as a rack of quickdraws or your harness and climbing shoes.

What sets the Classic Rope bag apart is its versatility. You can carry it as a rucksack or easily convert it into a courier bag, thanks to its detachable straps. Compression straps play a crucial role in maintaining the load's balance and stability during your adventure. Additionally, a zip pocket adds a layer of security for your valuables, ensuring a worry-free climbing experience.


  • Versatile Usage: Use it as a standalone rucksack or effortlessly convert it into a courier bag with the padded straps.
  • Spacious Rope Tarp: Features a generously sized rope tarp with color-coded tie-in points.
  • Ample Capacity: Roomy enough to accommodate a single rope of 260ft or longer, or even a pair of 200m half ropes along with additional gear.
  • Secure Valuables Pocket: Equipped with a convenient zipped pocket for storing your valuable items.
  • Generous 31-Liter Capacity: Provides ample space for your climbing and outdoor essentials, offering a capacity range of 31 to 40 liters.

Manufacturer Part Number: RB31BL