Edelrid Foot Cruiser Foot Ascender

$117.00 CAD

The Edelrid Foot Cruiser Foot Ascender is designed to facilitate efficient and low-fatigue climbing. It comes with a pre-installed, but removable rope safety device that prevents unintentional release from the rope. You can operate it easily with your foot. The foot cruiser also features a cam with self-cleaning slots, which provides optimum grip on frozen or muddy ropes, preventing slips and falls. The ascender is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.

  • Cam with self-cleaning slots: The cam on the foot ascender is designed with self-cleaning slots that help maintain optimum grip even on muddy or frozen ropes. This feature ensures that the user can climb efficiently and with less fatigue.

  • Removable rope-safety device: The foot ascender comes pre-installed with a rope-safety device that prevents unintentional release from the rope. However, the device is also removable, which means users can choose to use it or not based on their preference or situation.

  • Attachment for Edelrid Talon Climbers: The Foot Cruiser is designed as an attachment for the Edelrid Talon Climbers, which means it's compatible with those climbers and can be easily installed or removed as needed.

  • Rope compatibility: The Foot Cruiser is suitable for use with kernmantle ropes that are 8mm to 13mm in diameter. This range covers most standard rope sizes used in tree climbing.