Teufelberger fimblSAVER - Arbo Space

Teufelberger fimblSAVER

$141.00 CAD

Size: 1.25m


The fimblSAVER is part of the TEUFELBERGER product range in the field of cambium savers.

The friction values are only slightly higher than those encountered with the pulleySAVER. The 10cm long tapered longitudinal seam makes retrieving this cambium saver simple.Since the fImblSAVER is easy to install from the ground, it closes the gap between the multiSAVER and the pulleySAVER.

The following tools of the fImblSAVER can be replaced:

  • Ocean Polyester Loop T
  • Retrieval Cone L

Available in two sizes: 1.25m and 2m