Wrap Around Safety Glasses

$7.00 CAD

Color: Tinted


Discover a pair of wrap-around safety glasses that combine comfort, style, and durability, while also meeting ANSI Z87.1 and UV400 standards for eye protection.


  • Wrap-Around Design: The wrap-around style provides full coverage and protection for your eyes. It ensures that your eyes are shielded from various angles, reducing the risk of injury.

  • Comfortable Fit: These safety glasses are designed for comfortable, extended wear. You can focus on your tasks without the distraction of uncomfortable eyewear.

  • Stylish Appearance: While safety is the top priority, these glasses are also designed with style in mind. You can work with confidence and look good doing it.

  • High Safety Standards: Meeting ANSI Z87.1 standards means that these glasses have been rigorously tested for impact resistance and other safety criteria. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your eyes are well-protected.

  • UV400 Protection: UV400 standard compliance ensures that these glasses block harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Your eyes are shielded from both UVA and UVB rays, which is essential for maintaining eye health, especially in outdoor environments.