Forester High Performance Chainsaw Protective Pants

$196.00 CAD

Size: 30x32


Forester's high-performance chainsaw pants are setting a new standard in chainsaw safety and comfort. These lightweight pants offer remarkable Class A protection up to your waist, all while ensuring year-round comfort and breathability. With 360° calf protection below the knee, they provide comprehensive safety even in the most challenging situations. Once you experience these pants, there's no turning back.


  • Class A Protection: These pants meet and exceed Class A protection standards, ensuring safety up to your belt line.

  • Expandable Elastic Sides: A comfortable fit is guaranteed with expandable elastic sides.

  • Extra-Wide Double-Stitched Belt Loops: Added durability and practicality.

  • Breathable Stretch Material: These pants are a tree climber's dream, offering comfort and breathability.

  • Water-Resistant & Fast-Drying: Their outer shell is designed to repel water and dry quickly.

  • Double Waist Closure: For extra security and fit.

  • Lightweight: At under 2.5 pounds, they won't weigh you down.

  • Ample Storage: Large zippered hi-vis back pockets with flaps, deep front pockets with hi-vis trim, and zippered back leg vents enhance functionality.

  • Reflective Forester Logo: For increased visibility in low-light conditions.

  • Certified Safety: UL certified to meet USA and Canada ASTM standards, Class A.

Manufacturer Part Number: ARLPANTN