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Jameson FG Series Manual Pole Saw and Tree Pruner Kit

$268.00 CAD

The FG-Series Hollow Core Tree Trimming Kit includes everything you need to trim trees. The kit includes a heavy-duty fixed-pulley pruner that has a side-cut capacity of 1-1/4 inches, a Barracuda Tri-Cut saw blade with impulse-hardened teeth, a pole adapter to easily switch between the saw and the pruner, and two FG Series fiberglass hollow core poles that offer a strong and lightweight solution without sacrificing control or bending strength. The poles have a maximum reach of 12 feet, and Jameson recommends always using a base pole for the best performance and safety. The kit also includes a pruner rope with a handle, a pole saw head with a center saw blade mount, and a 13-inch Tri-Cut saw blade. The FG-Series Hollow Core Tree Trimming Kit is a convenient and comprehensive solution for all your tree trimming needs.


  • FG-6PKG-1 Tree Trimming Kit features a heavy-duty JA pruner with 1.25 in. cutting capacity
  • Fiberglass, hollow core FG pole is Jameson’s strongest pole, and one of the most preferred by professional arborists
  • Jameson FG-6PKG-1 Tree Trimming Kit includes: 1.25 in. Cut Pruner (JA-14), Pole Adapter (PHA-14), Pruner Rope with Handle (PR-20), Pole Saw Head with Center Saw Blade Mount (PS-3FP), 13 in. Tri-Cut Saw Blade (SB-13TE), 6 ft. FG Base Pole (FG-6F), and 6 ft. FG Extension Pole (FG-6)
  • The FG Base Pole has a rubber end cap and female ferrule
  • FG Extension Pole has male and female ferrules, and provides additional length to your tool, extending the workable height
  • For highest performance and safety, Jameson recommends using a base pole when using one pole or starting with a base pole when working with multiple poles