LPX Pluto Multi Sling W/ DMM Pinto Rig Pulley 7'

$280.00 CAD

Experience the pinnacle of durability and adaptability with the Arbo Space LPX Pluto Multi Sling, paired with the renowned DMM Pinto Rig Pulley. This premium sling, crafted from top-tier 12mm hollow braid rope, offers unparalleled strength and resistance to wear. Its unique coating enhances abrasion resistance, ensuring long-term reliability even in the toughest conditions.


  • Advanced Material: Constructed from robust 12mm hollow braid rope for maximum strength.
  • LPX 1/2" Minimum Breaking Strength: 11,800lbs
  • Enhanced Durability: Specially coated for superior abrasion resistance, prolonging the life of your sling.
  • Versatile Hardware Options: Equipped with the high-performance DMM Pinto Rig Pulley, ensuring smooth operation and versatility.
  • Flexible Adjustments: Features multiple adjustment pockets, providing exceptional flexibility and efficiency in various rigging scenarios.
  • Expert Craftsmanship: Assembled with precision by our skilled team, guaranteeing quality and reliability.

Manufacturer Part Number: AS12PWDPP