NLG Rope Pro Bucket

$151.00 CAD

The NLG Rope/Pro™ Bucket offers a comprehensive solution for rope storage and efficient lifting of heavy equipment, all packed in a compact bucket format.

Equipped with the unique Innervis™ material, this bucket ensures outstanding interior visibility and complete waterproof functionality, effectively safeguarding your ropes from water and moisture.

Designed with a heavy-duty lifting arrangement and integrated slings, you can confidently transport loads in any conditions, knowing they will be safely and securely handled. The NLG Rope/Pro™ Bucket is your reliable companion for storing ropes and tackling heavy lifting tasks with ease.


  • Load rating: Safely supports up to 50kg (66lbs) for lifting operations.
  • Versatile Tethering: Load rated daisy chain loops enable secure attachment of items weighing up to 5kg on each loop.
  • Smart Design: The combination of roll-top closure and compression strap forms an inversion capture system, ensuring items stay securely inside the bucket, even when upside-down.
  • Superior Construction: Dynamic load tested with a 2:1 safety factor, providing added confidence in its durability.
  • CE Marked and ANSI 121:2018 Compliant, meeting industry standards for quality and safety.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Contrast Innervis™ material allows for easy viewing inside the bucket, enabling quick access to stored items.
  • Weather Protection: Water-resistant roll-top closure safeguards items from unexpected weather conditions and prevents accidental spillage.
  • Convenient Dimensions: The product measures (H) 40cm, (W) 30cm, and (D) 30cm, offering ample storage space.
  • Each bucket is uniquely identified with a serial number for easy tracking and identification.
  • Lightweight Construction: Weighing just 1645g, the bucket ensures ease of use without adding unnecessary bulk.

Manufacturer Part Number: 101680