Notch Pro Folding Cube

$91.00 CAD

The Notch Throwline Folding Cube is the perfect solution for organizing and storing up to two throwlines, keeping their ends isolated and neatly organized. This versatile cube can also hold up to four weights and various accessories, all while folding down to a compact, portable size.

Designed for both dispersing line during a throw and receiving line during retrieval, the Notch Cube Fold & Hold Deluxe is equally effective on the ground or in the tree. It features one large exterior pocket, two small interior pockets for holding throw weights, and an interior Velcro strap and D-ring for quick line-end recovery. The bottom material of the cube stretches, preventing damage when the cube is packed tightly. Made with approval from Heinrich Haeussler, this folding throwline cube is built for durability and convenience.


  • Holds Up to 2 Throwlines: Keeps line ends isolated and organized.
  • Storage Capacity: Accommodates 4 throw weights and various accessories.
  • Compact Design: Folds to a portable size for easy transport.
  • Dual Use: Effective for both dispersing and receiving lines.
  • Multiple Pockets: One large exterior pocket and two small interior pockets.
  • Quick Line-End Recovery: Interior Velcro strap and D-ring for convenience.
  • Durable Material: Stretchable bottom material prevents damage when packed tightly.
  • Approved by Heinrich Haeussler: Ensures quality and reliability.


  • Dimensions (Folded): Compact and portable size
  • Material: Durable fabric with stretchable bottom
  • Pockets: One large exterior, two small interior
  • Accessories: Velcro strap and D-ring for line-end recovery
  • Capacity: Holds up to 2 throwlines and 4 throw weights

Manufacturer Part Number: 32443