Notch Rigging Thimble
Notch Rigging Thimble
Notch Rigging Thimble
Notch Rigging Thimble

Notch Rigging Thimble

$35.00 CAD

Pick: #1 (20mmx14mm)

#1 (20mmx14mm)
#2 (28mmx20mm)
#3 (38mmx28mm)

Notch Rigging Thimbles were designed by arborists and built by engineers. They are purpose-built for the arboriculture industry, with improvements over the original marine products on the market. Splice them into a sling for use as a rigging point or redirect.


Product Profile

Basics of Rigging Rings and Thimbles Video

Video de Comentarios de Clientes - Maycon Flores - Spanish Customer Video Review

Notch Rigging Thimble Dimensions (PDF)

Customer Video Review - Adam Castro

MBS (Small #1): 10,000 lbs

MBS (Medium #2): 15,000 lbs


MBS (Large #3): MBS: 25,000 lbs


  • Designed by arborists for arborists and built by engineers
  • Minimum breaking strength tested in the worst case configuration scenario - and clearly marked on every thimble
  • Wider rope groove to accommodate more appropriate sizes and types of rope for various sling configurations
  • Bigger, gentler bend radius for running rope
  • Non-anodized aluminum for extended life
  • Interior diameter is specially sized in relation to the other Notch Rigging Thimbles for better retrieval and use with splices
  • Effectively unbreakable in standard configurations on our 25,000lb horizontal proof test machine
  • Lifetime wear guarantee - If at any point in time your rigging thimble shows a "groove" from normal use, send it back to us and we'll replace it for free. (Does not cover dents, scratches, or the cost of splicing).


Running Rope - Rope that runs through the hole of the thimble

Host Rope - Rope that holds the thimble in place

MATERIAL: Aluminum
TENSILE STRENGTH: 10,000 lbs (44.4 kN)