LPX 1/2" Omni Block Loopie Sling 2-4ft

$184.00 CAD

Omni Block Color: Black


The Rock Exotica Omni Block 1.5 swivel pulley paired with the LPX 1/2" loopie sling spliced through its eye, creates a powerful combination. The loopie sling allows for easy adjustment and swift installation, while the Omni Block 1.5's swivel pulley design ensures smooth operation during light rigging activities. Additionally, this setup enables midline insertion of the rope into the pulley for added convenience. The splicing work has been done by the skilled craftsmen at Rope Logic to ensure maximum safety and reliability.

Parameter Value
WLL (Working Load Limit) 1798 lbs / 7.9 kN
Meets ANSI Requirements? Yes
Rope Arbo Space LPX
Diameter 1/2"