Oregon 75EXJ PowerCut Skip Tooth Full Chisel Chains

$64.00 CAD

Chainsaw Bar Length: 28"


Gauge: .063


The Oregon 75EXJ is a top-of-the-line saw chain that replaces the 75JGX. It features a newly reshaped cutter and proprietary grind technology that provides superior performance, sharpness, and consistency, giving you excellent results every time. With its low-vibration, full chisel cutter, the 75EXJ is designed to maximize every cut with less effort, making it the perfect choice for professional loggers and arborists.


  • Pitch of 3/8" and gauge of .063"
  • Skip sequence design offers superior chip flow, particularly important when cutting larger wood pieces with longer bars
  • Built-in Lubri-Tec automatic oiling system extends chain life by delivering oil to key parts, reducing downtime and maintenance
  • Blued Cutters protect against corrosion, ensuring high-quality performance
  • Durable chrome outer layer and hardened rivets reduce wear and need for frequent chain adjustments
  • Designed for saw sizes between 50 and 100 cc
  • Exclusive OCS-01 Steel offers greater durability for long-lasting use.