Oregon 91VXL VersaCut Low Profile Semi-Chisel Chains

$26.00 CAD

Chainsaw Bar Length: 10"


Gauge: 0.50


The Oregon 91VXL VersaCut™ Saw Chain is a top-performing, Low Profile™ chain designed for arborists and orchardists who demand professional-grade results from their lightweight chainsaws. This 12", .050" gauge chain boasts cutter top-plates for an extended cutting life. With low vibration and semi-chisel cutters, this chain offers an aggressive cutting edge while maintaining a forgiving sharpening profile. It's the perfect choice for those looking for high performance and reliability. 


  • Oregon 91VXL chain features a 3/8" Low Profile™ with a gauge of .050", designed for saw sizes up to 42 cc, providing maximum efficiency and durability for all your cutting needs.
  • The Built-in Lubri-Tec automatic oiling system ensures your chain stays lubricated, delivering oil to critical parts of the chain, extending its lifespan and reducing downtime and maintenance, making your work easier and more efficient.
  • With Blued Cutters, our chainsaw chain provides high-quality protection against corrosion, keeping your chain in excellent condition even after extended use.
  • The tough, long-lasting chrome outer layer and hardened rivets minimize wear and tear, helping to reduce chain adjustments and ensure longevity.