Petzl EJECT Friction Saver

$365.00 CAD

When it comes to tree care, the Petzl EJECT Friction Saver is a game-changer. Designed to protect the tree while setting up the work rope, the EJECT is perfect for narrow forks and tight spots. The high-efficiency pulley ensures smooth rope glide, while the adjustable length allows for versatility in different tree diameters. The included retrieval ball makes it easy to retrieve the system from the ground. With several efficiency and safety features, the Petzl EJECT is the ultimate tool for professionals in the tree care industry. 


  • The Petzl Eject system includes a retrieval ball for convenient ground retrieval.
  • The anchor point features a high-efficiency pulley that promotes smooth rope glide.
  • The system offers various setup configurations, including wrap-around or choked, and can be set on one or two branches.
  • A safety feature ensures that rope installation is prevented if the system is not properly set up or if the gated attachment point is locked.
  • The slim strap and buckle design helps reduce the risk of getting stuck during retrieval.