Petzl Twin Release Pulley

$587.00 CAD

The Petzl Twin Release Pulley is an essential piece of equipment for hauling heavy loads with ease and efficiency. Its compact size and twin-sheave design make it a powerful tool for creating 4:1 haul systems, while the handle release mechanism ensures precise control of the load. The large diameter sheaves are mounted on sealed ball bearings for smooth operation, and the single-directional faceted main sheave provides additional breaking when lowering heavy loads. The triple-action swiveling side plates make it easy to set up, and the rope can be installed with the device connected to the anchor for added convenience. Whether you're working in a construction site or a wilderness area, the Petzl Twin Release Pulley is a reliable and versatile tool for all your hauling needs.


  • Weight of the system is 800 g
  • Material used in the system includes aluminum, stainless steel, and nylon
  • The system is certified by ANSI Z359.4 Synthetic Rope Tackle Block
  • The minimum and maximum rope diameters suitable for the system are 8mm and 13mm, respectively
  • The system has sealed ball bearing sheaves with faceted and regular diameters of 40mm and 38mm, respectively
  • The system has an efficiency rate of 95%
  • The maximum working load of the system is 280 kg, and the maximum working load of the auxiliary attachment point is 22 kN
  • The breaking strength of the system is 36 kN
  • The system is a double progress capture pulley with a releasable cam
  • The system has an integrated brake in the main moving side plate to allow for comfortable and precise control while lowering heavy loads
  • The cam can be locked in the open position
  • The toothless cam design helps reduce rope damage
  • The system has large diameter sheaves on sealed ball bearings for optimal efficiency
  • The moving side plates have triple-action opening
  • The release handle has a hole that allows for the installation of a remote control cord
  • The system has a swivel attachment hole that allows for orientation under load