The Arbo Space Multi Sling 3/4" x 12'

Sale price$119.99

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The Arbo Space Multi Sling is a revolutionary new way to quickly and easily anchor friction brake systems like the Port-a-Wrap. Its innovative design eliminates the need for knots and prevents slipping, making it a breeze to use. The Multi Sling features 12" pockets that allow you to simply wrap it around the tree and pass your lowering device through the nearest pocket. It's the perfect solution for arborists looking for a hassle-free way to anchor their equipment.

Multi Sling with Arbo Space Exclusive Black Dyneema Chafe Guard. 

Made with 3/4" Lupex w/Black Dyneema Chafe Guard. 

Perfect to use with Large Port-a-wrap.

TENSILE STRENGTH:21,000 lbs ( 93.4 kN )

WLL:2100 lbs ( 9.3 kN )

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