Rock Exotica MiniEight

$50.00 CAD

The Rock Exotica MiniEight presents a versatile solution for climbers, designed with user-friendly features to enhance performance. With adjustable side ears, it effortlessly accommodates various rope sizes and allows easy friction adjustment. The biner hole incorporates a snug-fitting rubber gasket, ensuring a secure connection to your carabiner. Crafted from 7075 aluminum, this MiniEight surpasses cheaper alloy alternatives in durability and longevity. 

Experience the reliability and performance of the Rock Exotica MiniEight, the ultimate figure 8 device built to withstand the demands of climbing adventures.


  • Wide friction range suitable for ropes ranging from 6mm to 13mm in diameter.
  • Rubber insert provides a secure fit on your carabiner.
  • Lightweight design weighing just 2.1 oz (60 gm).
  • Compact dimensions measuring 3.64" (92 mm) in height and 3.21" (82 mm) in width.
  • Maximum rope diameter of 13 mm for single rope use and 10.5 mm for double rope use.
  • Impressive breaking strength of 14 kN.
  • Made of aluminum 

Manufacturer Part Number: F1