Rope Logic's The FIX Single Eye Tether

$70.00 CAD
Elevate Your Rope Wrench Game with the Innovative FIX Tether, the FIX Tether is the ultimate solution for climbers seeking unmatched performance. With options for both single eye and double eye configurations, this game-changing tether boasts a reinforced core for exceptional rigidity - surpassing all other tethers in the market. Designed for convenience, the FIX Tether includes a sewn-in small loop for easy tending, making it a breeze to keep your gear organized. Compatible with pinto style pulleys for the single eye option and hitch climber style pulleys for the double eye option, the FIX Tether is the perfect companion for your tree climbing adventures. Upgrade your gear with the revolutionary FIX Tether and experience a new level of confidence and efficiency in your climbing endeavors.