Teufelberger KM III Max

$268.00 CAD

Color: Black


Size: 150


Termination: None

Sewn Eye
Two Sewn Eyes

Teufelberger KM-III Max, a static low-rotation rope, sets itself apart with a unique twill design. Originally intended for work positioning tasks, it has proven to be an outstanding choice for various applications, including heavy exposure fixed lines, big wall hauling, caving, and rescue and evacuation scenarios.

At the heart of KM-III Max is Teufelberger Twill Pattern Technology (TPT), which bestows the rope with exceptional qualities. The smoother cover reduces drag, ensuring better controllability during descents. Its almost unprofiled surface enables improved braking and faster ascents, resulting in enhanced performance and ultimate abrasion resistance. Embrace the KM-III Max for a reliable and versatile static rope that excels in various demanding situations, providing you with unparalleled control and durability.


  • Diameter: 11mm (7/16") 
  • Minimal 1.00% elongation ensures stability and control
  • Constructed with durable Kevlar material for strength and resilience
  • Vibrant orange color ensures easy visibility and identification
  • Certified to meet EN 1891A and NFPA 1983:2012 standards for superior performance
  • Reliable working load limit (WLL) of 790 lbs (3.5 kN) for demanding tasks
  • Kernmantle strand count enhances performance and durability
  • Impressive tensile strength of 7,900 lbs (35kN) for secure support

Manufacturer Part Number: C3345