Thunder X Flipline With Notch Glide Rope Grab

$280.00 CAD

Legth: 10' (3m)

10' (3m)
12' (3.5m)

Absolutely the best value High Tech Rope in the Market. Thunder X has Aramid/Technora® Mix Sheet with Dyneema® mid Cover and Nylon Parallel Core. 

The Thunder X Flip Line is an adjustable lanyard that utilizes the Glide Rope Grab. This cam-based horizontal and vertical work positioning lanyard adjuster is designed to be used on the abrasion-resistant Thunder X rope. The Thunder X rope is made of a combination of Aramid/Technora® sheath, Dyneema® inner jacket, and nylon core, making it both strong and durable while still being supple enough to move and position easily.

The Glide Rope Grab is easy to use with its intuitive, one-handed operation and responsive rope payout and take up. Its smooth, non-aggressive clutch can be adjusted under load and there is virtually no sit-back during use. The Glide comes with a size-specific removable cam, which allows for optimal rope tension through 3 friction settings. This makes it compatible with ropes ranging from 11-13 mm or with wire-core lanyards, without the need for any additional cams.

  • Glide Rope Grab features:

    • Intuitive, one-handed operation for easy use
    • Responsive rope payout and take up
    • Adjustable under load for versatility in various situations
    • Non-aggressive clutch prevents rope damage
    • Virtual no sit-back during use for safety
    • Swivel eye eliminates rope twisting for added stability
    • Ergonomic design for comfort during prolonged use
    • 11 mm-13 mm diameter rope capacity, suitable for most ropes
    • Size-specific removable cam allows optimal rope tension and adjustments including wire core lanyards
    • Glide Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) : 23 kN
    • Thunder X Rope MBS: 24.1 kN
    • Hot-forged aluminum construction for durability
    • Meets ASTM F887 Standard for safety and quality assurance