Ultra Ring Sling #2 5/8" x 6' Tenex

5/8" Arbo Space LPX Pluto Multi Ring Sling

$183.00 CAD

The Arbo Space LPX Pluto Multi Ring Sling. Designed with the climber's convenience in mind, this sling features multiple pockets for easy and knot-free length adjustment, making it the ultimate in adjustability. The sling is made with Arbo Space LPX 12-strand hollow braid rope and comes equipped with a #2 size Aluminum friction thimble for added durability and reliability. Say goodbye to the hassle of rigging redirects and hello to the ultimate in climbing convenience!

Specification Value
Rope Arbo Space LPX
Diameter 5/8"
Thimble #2 Notch, Tylaska or Arbo Space Rigging Thimble
Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) 16,000 lbs (choked configuration)
Configuration Choked
Usable Length 6 ft
Total Length 7 ft
Pockets 10
Intended Use Redirect, ideal for redirecting into a GRCS, Arbo Space Control Freak or in a tree