Yale Scandere 11.7mm

$198.00 CAD

Length: 120'


Termination: None

Sewn Eye
Two Sewn Eyes

"Scandere," derived from the Italian word for "to climb," embodies a rope constructed with precision. It consists of 48 strands of high-tenacity polyester meticulously braided over a core of steam-stabilized nylon. This unique design marries the benefits of solution-cast fiber with a broad construction, resulting in a sleeve that excels in visibility, abrasion resistance, and longevity.

The stabilized core of Scandere adds to its appeal by ensuring flexibility, preventing stiffness, and optimizing energy absorption. This innovative rope captures the best qualities of a traditional kernmantle line and combines them with the rugged durability necessary to tackle demanding tasks.

Scandere is not only easy to handle but also remarkably compatible with mechanical devices, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and versatile rope solution for climbing and various applications.


  • Diameter: 11.7mm, providing excellent durability
  • MBS (Minimum Breaking Strength): 7,100lbs, ensuring reliability in demanding tasks
  • Kernmantle construction for a balance of strength and flexibility
  • Material: Polyester sheath with a nylon core, combining durability and strength
  • Weight per 100': 6.5lbs, lightweight for easy handling and transport
  • Elastic Elongation: 3% at 10% MBS, offering low stretch and stability
  • Excellent SRT (Single Rope Technique) rope for professional applications
  • Professional grade construction for reliability in challenging scenarios
  • Smooth cover designed for mechanical ascension, ensuring ease of use
  • Low stretch characteristics for precision and control
  • Tight braid for added strength and durability
  • Light weight for reduced fatigue during use

Manufacturer Part Number: 7679629R