Arborist Supplies: Essential Tools for Tree Care Professionals.

Arborist Supplies: Essential Tools for Tree Care Professionals.

Arborist supplies are the tools and equipment that tree care professionals use to perform their work. This can include everything from pruning saws and shears to climbing ropes and harnesses, as well as specialized tools for tasks like transplanting trees and diagnosing tree health. Some major brands in the arborist supply industry include Notch, Samson Ropes, Teufelberger, Yale Cordage, Petzl, DMM, ISC, Silky, and Rock Exotica.

Some essential arborist supplies from these brands include:

  • Pruning saws and shears from Jameson, Notch and Silky: These are used for cutting and trimming branches to maintain the health and shape of trees.

  • Climbing ropes and harnesses from Samson Ropes, Arbo Space, Tefulberger and Petzl and more: These are used for safely ascending and descending trees during pruning and other tasks.

  • Chain saws from Oregon, Husqvarna and STIHL: These are powerful cutting tools that are used for larger branches and tree removal.

  • Tree spades : These are specialized tools for transplanting trees, allowing arborists to carefully dig up and move entire trees.

  • Sonic tomography devices from Yale Cordage: These are used for diagnosing tree health by measuring the sound waves that travel through a tree's wood.

Arborists may also use protective gear like hard hats, gloves, and safety glasses from brands like Petzl, Protos and KASK to keep themselves safe while working in trees. Overall, the right arborist supplies from these and other major brands are essential for providing proper care for trees and ensuring the safety of tree care professionals.

in addition to the tools and equipment I mentioned earlier, arborists may also use carabiners, pulleys, rigging ropes, rigging slings, and snap hooks as part of their gear. These tools are often used for tree climbing and rigging, which involves setting up systems of ropes and pulleys to support and control the movement of branches and other tree debris during pruning and other tasks.

Some examples of these types of gear include:

  • Carabiners from brands like DMM and Petzl: These are metal loops with spring-loaded gates that are used to connect ropes and other climbing gear.

  • Pulleys from brands like ISC and Rock Exotica: These are used to redirect ropes and change their direction of force, allowing arborists to lift and move heavy branches and tree debris.

  • Rigging ropes from brands like Samson Ropes and Teufelberger, Arbo Space: These are strong, durable ropes specifically designed for tree rigging.

  • Rigging slings from brands like Arbo Space, Samson: These are loops of rope that are used to attach rigging ropes to branches and other tree debris. Such as, Ring to Ring slings, Multi Slings, Whoopie Slings, Loopie Slings, Dead eye slings and many more. These slings also combined with Medium or Large size of Porta Wraps as a lowering device. 

  • Snap hooks from brands like DMM, ISC and Petzl: These are metal loops with spring-loaded gates that are used to quickly and easily connect ropes to other gear.

Overall, these types of gear are essential for the work of an arborist, allowing them to safely and effectively perform tree climbing and rigging tasks.


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