5/8" Arbo Space PLAID Ring Sling

$74.99 USD

Length: 10'


For exceptional performance in tree care, Arbo Space's PLAID Bull Rope is a must-have for rigging applications. And now, we've taken it up a notch by combining it with Tylaska Ring Slings to create a reliable and durable rigging system. Our Ring Slings made with PLAID rope are available in various diameters, lengths, and ring configurations, ensuring that you get the perfect fit for your specific rigging needs. The PLAID rope's double braid construction and special cover braiding technique provide excellent abrasion resistance, making it a reliable option for any rigging job. Trust in the superior performance of Arbo Space's PLAID Bull Rope and Tylaska Ring Slings to provide you with a rigging system that is both efficient and long-lasting.

Sling Length: 15ft.

Specification Value
Diameter 5/8" (16mm)
Sling Length 15ft.
MBS (Minimum Break Strength) 14160lbs
Weight 12.43lbs/100ft.
Core Polyester
Cover Polyester
Plait number 32
Rigging Thimble Tylaska TR20 or Notch #2 Ring