5/8" Arbo Space Whoopie Sling


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Introducing the ultimate solution for easy rigging adjustment - the Arbo Space Whoopie Sling! Whether you need to quickly adjust the length of your rigging system or securely anchor a block or friction device to a tree, this sling has got you covered. Its unique design allows you to mount hardware tightly against the tree, reducing any unnecessary slack in the system. The experts at Arbo Space splice each sling using super-strong 5/8" Arbo Space LPX 12 Strand Hollow Braid Rope, ensuring durability and reliability.

Parameter Value
MBS 16,500 lbs
Configuration Basket
Diameter 5/8"
Color Yellow
Size Adjusts from 3' to 7'
Manufactured Country USA
Strand Count 12 Strand
Tensile Strength 17,100 lbs (76 kN)
Meets ANSI Requirements Yes

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