ARBORjet QUIKjet Air Kit

$2,798.99 USD

The patented QUIK-jet AIR is the best weapon in the war against tree insects and diseases. Its innovative design combines simplicity and power providing a lightweight, easy-to-use injection tool that maximises productivity and reduces labour time.

Features : 

The QUIK-jet AIR features one-thumb switch operation, precise dose measuring, and air-powered injection in a rugged aluminium body weighing less than 2 pounds. You’ll notice the difference when you make the switch and use QUIK-jet AIR.

PRECISE – Precise dose measuring.

EASY – One-finger operation for fast injections.

FAST – Injections are faster & smoother than ever.

AIR-POWERED – Quick-connect adapter hooks up to the air tank for increased productivity.

LIGHTWEIGHT – Durable aluminium body weighs less than 2 pounds.

What’s included ? 

1 QUIK-jet AIR device 070-2355

1 Liter supply bottle 070-2200

1 Air tank

1 Carrying bag with shoulder strap

1 Arborplug setter.

2 Drill bits (3/8” and 9/32”). 

1 Needle cleanout tool.

1 Graduated cylinder.

1 Pair of safety glasses.

1 Funnel 070-0104.

½ Liter of CLEAN-jet.

1 Training Manual.

Low Pressure Regulator with coil.

2 x Viper Needles.

Allen Wrench – 5/64”.