Camp Dryad Pro Small Double Pulley

$59.99 USD

The Camp Dryad Pro Double Pulley is a high-performance tool that maximizes efficiency during intensive use at higher speeds. Built with sealed ball bearings, this pulley uses the same design as the regular Dryad, but with added durability and precision. The large attachment hole allows for the accommodation of two carabiners and a lower becket hole, while still maintaining a compact profile. With the ability to install Prusik knots on either side, this pulley is a versatile addition to any climbing or rigging setup.


  • Weighs 5.5oz (155g)
  • Max Breaking Load is 5,845lbf (26kN)
  • Working Load Limit is 405lbf x 4 = 1574lbf (1.8kN x 4 = 7kN)
  • Has an efficiency rating of 92%
  • Suitable for use with ropes up to 13mm in diameter
  • Features a compact double pulley design
  • Utilizes sealed ball bearings for high efficiency
  • Body and sheaves are made of aluminum alloy
  • Has a stainless steel axle
  • Designed with prusik-minding capabilities