Camp Gyro

$119.99 USD

The Gyro swivel by Camp is a highly versatile and compact rigging system that boasts Camp's proprietary triple swivel design. This unique design allows for enhanced flexibility, making it an ideal choice for various rigging applications. Whether you're a professional climber or an avid adventurer, the Gyro swivel offers excellent performance and reliability for all your rigging needs.


The Gyro Swivel by Camp is a highly versatile and compact rigging system that is designed with Camp's proprietary triple swivel design. The swivel rotates at all three connection points, providing limitless possibilities for connecting various elements that require freedom of movement. With the ability to self-orient, this swivel is perfect for multiple anchoring, preventing twisting in Y lanyards, crosshauling operations, Tyrolean traverses, complex rescue procedures, and more.

The Gyro Swivel features an innovative design that prevents the accumulation of dirt and makes inspection easy. The main structure is made of carbon steel with a double corrosion preventive coating, while the swivel balls and attachment points are constructed of stainless steel. Additionally, it comes with three removable silicon anti-rotation inserts.

This rigging system has a working load limit of 3 kN and a minimum breaking strength of 26 kN, making it a reliable and durable option for a variety of rigging needs.