CAMP Gyro Lanyard

$289.95 USD

Style: Single Swivel

Single Swivel
Double Swivel
Replacement Rope

Length: 3.5M (11')

3.5M (11')
5M (16')

Elevate your climbing experience with the CAMP Gyro Lanyard, the ultimate in arboreal navigation and safety. Engineered with precision, this lanyard system features the revolutionary Gyro Swivel technology, providing climbers with unmatched fluidity and flexibility in movement. The compact and efficient design includes a retrieving pulley with a secondary attachment point, ensuring smooth operation and versatile customization. Preassembled with a durable 8mm polyester-aramid hitch cord and a Michoacan hitch, this system is ready for immediate use. For those requiring enhanced functionality, the double-lanyard variant merges two adjustable systems into a singular connection, facilitated by the innovative Gyro X3 swivel device. This allows for seamless rotation and tilt, even when both lanyard legs are in use, ensuring comprehensive mobility and safety.


  • Versatile Climbing Lanyard: Offers exceptional movement freedom with the Gyro Swivel base, ideal for arborists.
  • Optimal Design: Features a minimalist retrieving pulley with built-in secondary attachment for smooth operation.
  • Preassembled Hitch Cord: Comes with an 8mm polyester-aramid hitch cord, equipped with a Michoacan hitch for immediate readiness.
  • Dual System Option: The double-lanyard system integrates two adjustment systems with the Gyro X3 swivel for enhanced maneuverability.
  • Weight Specifications: Ranges from 660g (1.5lbs) for the single 3.5m lanyard to 1,070g (2.4lbs) for the double 7m option.
  • High-Quality Material: Utilizes Iridium 11 mm Heatcore polyamide rope with CRT loops for durability.
  • Replaceable Components: Ensures long-term usability with replaceable rope and cord.
  • Certifications: Fully certified to EN 358 and Z133:2017, meeting the highest standards of safety and quality.

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