Camp Supercargo 70 Bag

$299.99 USD

The 70-liter haul bag is a robust and durable bag that is designed to carry and transport gear for vertical hauling activities. The bag's large capacity ensures that you have enough room to store all the necessary equipment for your adventure. The bag is built to withstand heavy loads and tough environments, making it an ideal choice for climbers, cavers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. With its reinforced seams and tough materials, the bag can handle the rigors of hauling heavy loads over rough terrain. The bag's sturdy straps and buckles keep everything securely in place, while the reinforced bottom protects your gear from damage. Whether you're planning a big climb or just need a reliable way to transport your gear, this haul bag is an excellent choice.


The 70 liter haul bag is built for extreme durability and is designed for transporting gear and vertical hauling. The bag is constructed from super-stiff Tarpaulin TPU 4500D material which is incredibly wear-resistant. It features a roll top lid with a pull cord closure and a security strap to ensure your gear stays safe and secure.

The bag's shoulder straps can be tucked away in a streamlined compartment, and the waist belt can be removed to prevent snagging while traveling or hauling. The haul straps are robust and come equipped with lifting handles that are large enough to be used with gloves.

The bag also includes an interior security pocket and four gear loops for organizing your gear. Whether you're hauling gear up a cliff or traveling with a heavy load, this haul bag is designed to withstand the toughest conditions.