CAMP Turbolock Progress Capture Pulley

$159.99 USD

The Turbolock pulley is the ultimate progress capture tool for climbers and industrial workers alike, boasting a compact and robust design for maximum efficiency. With its specifically contoured shape, it can easily be operated with just one hand. The locking mechanism is designed to allow for easy insertion and removal of the rope without the need to remove the device from the anchor, while ensuring that accidental openings are prevented when the pulley is loaded.

The toothed cam is engineered to provide immediate and strong grip on ropes ranging from 8 to 13 mm, and can be enabled or disabled with a switch that is protected inside the flanges to prevent unintentional activations. With just one movement, you can open the cam to insert or remove the rope, or use the device as a non-locking simple pulley. Two movements are required to enable the cam.

The Turbolock pulley features two attachment points - the main attachment point and the becket hole - that enable the rotation of carabiners for maximum ease of use. Its large diameter sheave, equipped with sealed ball bearings, ensures very high efficiency (up to 95%). The pulley's robust construction features hot forged side plates, precision milled aluminum alloy sheave, and stainless steel cam, rivets and pins.


  • Weight: 198 g (7.0 oz.)
  • Inner sheave diameter: 41 mm
  • Rope Diameter: 8-13 mm
  • Working Load Max: 5 kN (2.5 kN x 2) or 1124 LBF (562 LBF x 2)
  • Breaking Load: 23 kN or 5620 LBF
  • Sheave material: Aluminum alloy