DMM Director Yoke

    OPTIONS: Screwgate Web Spacer

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    DMM's new generation line Director comes with this useful model; Director Yoke ! 

    You also have an option to pick between a ROPE or a Webbing Spacer to give the perfect textile adaptability. 

    The Director Yoke is a compact termination connector designed to load in the strongest orientation. Ideal for lanyards, these lightweight, versatile and strong carabiners are easy to handle and can reduce the overall length of a system.

    The Director Yoke features a textile friendly, configurable eye, an extra short gate, a generous curve in the loading area and healthy gate openings. They can be retro fitted onto pre-stitched or swaged lanyard components or used in conjunction with DMM Linkits to form super short connectable systems. When used in conjunction with the DMM Director Swivel Boss, it forms the ultimate swivelling, pivoting double connector.

    Customer Reviews

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    DMM Yoke Director

    I think these DMM Director snaps are great. When I saw Arbo Space had the Kwiklock version, I ordered three right away.

    DMM's red kwiklock is my choice over the green triple-lock version. I think the Kwiklock Director could be more secure vs. the typical double-lock aluminum snaps found on lanyards. I hate the triple-lock snaps and watched one account saying a triple-lock snap was damaged slightly, causing it to hang open. All said, I feel more comfortable using the DMM Director kwiklock. Yes I know I could use a carabiner with some sort of rope retainer but I like the Director better - compact and easy to handle when opening.

    The Director is short and so if you use it to choke around a spar, you'll never hurt the Director Yoke. Good stuff. I put one on my Arbo Space Thunder Static lanyard in the photo. I'll have them make any of my future lanyards.

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