DMM Revolver Wiregate Carabiner

$37.95 USD

The Revolver is a revolutionary tool that has achieved legendary status in both industrial and recreational applications.

By combining the benefits of lightweight aluminum connectors with the functionality of a roller wheel from a pulley, this equipment becomes incredibly versatile. It excels in various scenarios, from counterweight rescues to efficiently clipping tight lines, hauling chainsaws, and deviating running ropes.


  • MBS (Major Axis): 24kN
  • MBS (Minor Axis): 7kN
  • MBS (Gate Open): 9kN
  • Dimensions: 59 x 103mm
  • Weight: 51g
  • Gate Opening (X): 24mm
  • Conformance: EN 12275:2013 B

Manufacturer Part Number: A238MG