ISC 40kN Steel Oval Keylock SuperSafe


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The ISC Offset Oval Steel Keylock Karabiner Supersafe combines the specification of an Oval with that of a ‘D’ shape Karabiner. True Ovals are not capable of achieving high breaking loads, as their symmetrical shape shares the load between the spine and the gate of the carabiner.  The weakest part of any carabiner is the gate and so wherever possible, designers will try to bias the load toward the spine of the carabiner.  This is why ‘D’ shape carabiners (typically) give the highest breaking loads. However, in many industries such as Rope Access & Rope Rescue, the Oval is a popular shape…hence the introduction of this new hybrid ISC Offset Oval Steel Keylock Karabiner Supersafe. ISC Wales has now developed the process of cold forging, which allows us to offer the common Keylock style (anti-snag) noses on several Karabiners in our range, including the new ISC Offset Oval Steel Keylock Karabiner Supersafe. ISC Performance Carabiners are forged for best build quality and feature a ‘Blind’ nose, which improves performance by reducing snagging. The barrels have been designed with a square cut notch to limit debris build up. ISC Carabiners are of sleek ergonomic design, with a high strength to weight ratio. Available with Screwgate, Twistlock (2 way ), or SuperSafe (3 way) locking gates. Also available with ANSI Compliant 3600 lb barrel (Twistlock & Supersafe only) ANSI version available. *Gate Opening measurements are approximate.  


        • Height:  109 mm (4 1/4”)
        • Width:  62 mm (2 1/4”)
        • Gate Opening*:  17 mm (5/8”)
        • Weight:  193 g (6.8 oz)
        • Body Material:  Steel
        • Finish:  Zinc Plated
        • Blind (anti-snag) nose
        • Made in Wales

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