ISC Phlotich Pulley Red (Bushing)
ISC Phlotich Pulley Red (Bushing)
ISC Phlotich Pulley Red (Bushing)

ISC Phlotich Pulley Red (Bushing)

$61.00 USD

The Phlotich Pulley is a multi-attachment device designed for hitch tending in an SRT or DRT climbing system. The unique kidney-shaped opening allows carabiners to self-center according to where the load is applied. Its also large enough for carabiners to rotate completely through and for attaching multiple carabiners. Available with bushings or bearings.

Rope Diameter: 1/2" (13mm) Maximum

MBS: 30kN (6744lbf)

Weight: 5oz (145g)

Material: Aluminum

  • Profiled side plates capture the climbing line to reduce rope movement
  • Perfectly parallel side plates allow for a clean carabiner connection and are perfect for a double Rope Wrench tether
  • Two attachment holes allow for perfect alignment of two carabiners in a DRT setup
  • Kidney-shaped opening orients carabiners to the load
  • Kidney-shaped opening is big enough for multiple carabiners, such as a main anchor and a chest harness connection for tending
MATERIAL: Aluminum
TENSILE STRENGTH: 6744 lbs (30 kN)
PRODUCT TYPE: Swinging Sideplates
IA: 84-0-71