K&H Wedge Tree Felling Wedges

$9.99 USD

Length:: 5-1/2"


K H Wedges' classic Red Head falling wedge is a time-honored tradition in the logging industry. Crafted from ultra-durable ABS plastic, these wedges feature a textured finish that prevents them from slipping out during tough driving. These wedges are known for their reliability, making them an excellent choice for loggers and other professionals who demand the best quality tools. Whether you're just starting in the industry or have years of experience under your belt, the K H Wedges Red Head falling wedge is a must-have in your toolkit.


K & H was founded in 1962 to cater to the demand of the logging industry for a reliable, lightweight, and non-sparking falling wedge. With a solid background in the timber industry, they recognized the potential advantages of a lightweight plastic material for this purpose. By utilizing high-pressure plastic injection and an ideal polymer, they have successfully created a falling wedge that surpasses all others in terms of durability and effectiveness.