3/4" Arbo Space Loopie Sling x 2'-8'

$64.99 USD

Arbo Space Loopie sling! These adjustable continuous loop slings are made with lightweight and strong 3/4" Arbo Space LPX 12 strand hollow braid rope, manufactured by the Arbo Space Riggers. With loopies, you can easily adjust for a perfect fit with most rigging hardware, making rigging hassle-free and efficient. Say goodbye to knots and hello to a smoother rigging experience with Arbo Space Loopie slings.

Detail Value
Sling Size Adjusts from 2' to 8'
Working Load Limit (WLL) 5,000 lbs.
Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) 22,000 lbs. in basket configuration
Manufactured Country USA
Color Gray
Rope Arbo Space LPX
Meets ANSI Requirements Yes
Diameter 3/4"