NLG Tether Tape

$33.97 USD

NLG Tether Tape™ revolutionizes tool tethering with its cutting-edge self-fusing silicone technology, allowing for rapid creation of load-rated tether points on any tool within seconds. In the absence of manufactured attachment points on most tools, NLG's Instant Tether System™ combines Tether Tape™ and D Rings, providing an efficient retrofitting solution for quick tool tethering with any tool lanyard.

The beauty of Tether Tape™ lies in its user-friendly application—no heat source or specialized tools are required. Activation is as simple as stretching the tape, and it fully bonds to itself within 24 hours at room temperature, though it is certified for immediate use. Moreover, without using adhesive, the retrofitted tool tether can be easily removed when no longer needed, leaving no sticky residue or permanent damage.

Constructed with a fibreglass reinforcement mesh, NLG Tether Tape™ exhibits exceptional strength, durability, and resistance against tears and punctures, ensuring its reliability in various challenging environments.

To accommodate different tool types, pair Tether Tape™ with a Large D Ring, Small D Ring, or Non-Conductive D Ring for common hand tools. For power tools and large straight shafted tools, consider using it with Tether Choke™ single arm or twin arm.

One roll of Tether Tape™ is designed to tether up to 10 tools on average, reducing wastage when the tether point is no longer needed—simply cut away the Tether Tape™ and retain the D Ring Tether or Choke™ for reuse on another tool.

The combined flexibility and speed of NLG's Instant Tether System™ makes Tether Tape™ the preferred choice across a wide range of industries. Always be prepared by keeping a roll of Tether Tape™ and a selection of D Rings on hand, ensuring you never encounter unsecured tools again.


  • Install with ease using the self-fusing stretch activation, requiring no additional tools for quick and simple setup.
  • The adhesive-free design ensures no sticky residue is left on the tool when removed, providing a clean and efficient solution.
  • Reinforced with fibreglass mesh, the product boasts high strength and durability for reliable performance.
  • Enjoy an added comfortable ergonomic grip on tool handles, enhancing user experience.
  • The material is inherently flame retardant and, when burned, forms a non-conductive ash, promoting safety during use.
  • The product's effective temperature range spans from –50°C to 250°C, making it suitable for various environments.
  • It complies with ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 standards, adhering to essential safety requirements.
  • The lanyard undergoes dynamic load testing and is third-party certified with a 2:1 safety factor, ensuring dependable strength.
  • With dimensions of 25mm x 2.8M, the lanyard offers versatility and functionality.
  • It can handle a maximum load of 5KG (11lbs), providing secure support for lightweight tools.

Manufacturer Part Number: 101355