Oregon .325LP Pitch .043 Gauge SpeedCut™ Nano Loops

$19.95 USD

Chainsaw Chain Size: 10" .325LP-043-46DL

10" .325LP-043-46DL
12" .325LP-043-51DL
14" .325LP-043-59DL
16" .325LP-043-64DL

The SpeedCut™ Nano Saw Chain 80TXL046G is a cutting-edge tool that can be paired with the SpeedCut Nano guide bar and sprocket for a powerful cutting system. This innovative saw chain is designed specifically for battery and low-powered gas saws, providing excellent performance in the 1-3 HP range. With its patented new chain chassis, the 80TXL046G delivers increased cutting speed, longer battery runtime, and a reduced tendency to stall, making it the most efficient cutting system in the world. Additionally, the micro-chisel cutters have been reshaped to provide precision cut quality and an excellent surface finish. 


  • Designed for use with battery and gas saws up to 38cc
  • .325" Low Profile pitch and .043" gauge
  • Only compatible with Oregon SpeedCut Nano guide bar and sprocket
  • LubriTec™ technology ensures less friction and longer lifespan
  • Features Expanded Top-Plate Filing Indicators and depth gauge filing indicators for accurate sharpening
  • Blued Cutters offer superior protection against corrosion
  • Made with exclusive OCS-01 Steel for increased durability
  • Requires 5/32" file size for maintenance