Oregon 72LPX Chain

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Options: 72 Links

72 Links
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100' Reel

The 72LPX chain from Oregon is a new and improved version of the world's best-selling family of saw chains. It features an upgraded cutter design and chassis, making it perfect for professionals who demand fast cutting and smooth performance. With advanced grind geometry, this chain cuts quickly and efficiently right out of the box and is ideal for use in clean cutting conditions with limited contact with dirt and abrasive materials. The 72LPX chain is compatible with saws using Husqvarna H46 series and Stihl 33 series chain and can be sharpened with a 7/32" round file or 3/16" grinding wheel.

  • Pitch: 3/8" (.375")
  • Gauge: .050" (1.3mm)
  • Sequence: Standard
  • Cutter Type: Standard
  • Recommended Saw Sizes:
    • 3.0 - 6.0 cubic inches (50 - 100cc)
  • Recommended Bar Lengths:
    • 12" - 36" (30 - 90cm)
  • Kickback Reduction Features:
    • Bumper Link
  • X grind geometry for improved out-of-box sharpness and faster cutting in boring and bias modes
  • Blued cutters for superior corrosion resistance
  • Tumbled parts and improved joint articulation for reduced friction and stretch
  • Offset depth gauges to prevent cutter from diving into the sidewall of the cut
  • LubriLink™ tie straps to keep oil on the chain where it's needed
  • Top-plate witness mark for easy and accurate sharpening
  • Patented OREGON OCS-01 steel for increased durability, especially in cold cutting conditions
  • Vibe-Ban™ chassis design for a 25% or more reduction in vibration at the handles